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risperdal lawyer Risperdal is a drug manufactured by Janssen pharmaceuticals Inc. and with the aim of healing bipolar mania, autism and schizophrenia. Individuals suffering from either of the illnesses are vulnerable and their conditions must be managed with the most effective of drugs. It is thus sad that Risperdal does the exact opposite of that; the drug might be effective in treatment of the conditions but it is certainly not foolproof. Upon consuming Risperdal, individuals have reported on experiencing the following side effects;

  • Gynecomastia (male breast development)
  • Lactation (milk production in both men and women)
  • A feeling of tiredness (fatigue).
  • Nausea and fever.
  • Dizziness.
  • Extrapyramidal promotions such as the involuntary movement of the head, arms, eyes or the neck (the movements might occur anywhere within the body).

Hiring the services of a Risperdal lawyer assures the negatively affected individual of a fighting chance in court. You have as much a right to file a lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. and such a legal proceeding should lead to your winning of a settlement.

The Serious Risperdal Side Effects

As your Risperdal lawyer might point out, these side effects carry the greatest weight; a claimant who features these side effects in their lawsuits stands a better chance of receiving reimbursement following the successful closure of his or her case.

Stiff muscles are a primary indication of an already serious medical condition; this is especially so when coupled with profuse sweating, nosebleeds and an irregular heartbeat rhythm. A Risperdal lawyer will rely heavily on these side effects in his/her bid to win compensation on behalf of the client; the judge is compelled to see that the situation needs to be rectified before it aggravates any further through the provision of reimbursement.

Seizures/convulsions are also serious side effects attributed to the use of Risperdal; the affected individual may also drool and experience long lasting body tremors which occur in short phases. If you have flu-like symptoms and your body aches for a lengthy time, have your doctor carry out tests on you to determine whether the conditions are precipitated by Risperdal.

Muscles constituting various body part and organs such as the eyes and neck are also prone to the negative effects of consuming Risperdal; they move involuntarily and in undefined patterns. Male individuals who use Risperdal might experience a painful erection which might last for up to four hours.

The Risperdal Lawyer

If you are experiencing any of the discussed serious Risperdal side effects, contact us immediately; we will then assign you to a Risperdal lawyer who will argue your case in court. A Risperdal lawyer is tasked with the responsibility of building a strong case in the client’s favor. He or she will request for a medical report; such a report should be compiled by a certified doctor and should discuss the serious Risperdal side effects in detail. Your Risperdal lawyer will be sure to put the best foot forward and win compensation on your behalf. The compensation is instrumental in reversing your deteriorating medical condition.

Contact us today to acquire the services of a Risperdal lawyer; it is our hope that your situation will be salvaged before it disrupts your normal life routine.

Risperdal Lawsuit

Risperdal Lawsuit: Do You Qualify to File?

risperdal lawsuitAre you aware of the fact that the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson had to settle a Risperdal lawsuit in September 2012 because a young man who’s been taking Risperdal for five years developed female breasts? Did you know that in April 2012, the state of Arkansas alone ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay more than US$1 billion over claims made by victims of Risperdal? The court stated that the pharmaceutical major hid the potential health risks associated with using Risperdal and has misled the medical fraternity and of course the general public.

Do you think you should let Johnson & Johnson get away with an offense as serious as concealing the potential side effects of Risperdal, leaving you or your loved ones to suffer for the rest of your lives? Contact your lawyer today for a free consultation;  they will help you with your Risperdal Lawsuit.

Risperdal Lawsuit:  Contact Your Risperdal Lawyer

It is very important for you to understand that if you have been injured by taking Risperdal for some time, you are not alone and your lawyer can file a Risperdal lawsuit so you get aptly compensated. Risperdal lawyers have been filing Risperdal lawsuits across the country on behalf of Risperdal affected victims and the truth is, Johnson & Johnson has already been ordered to pay out more than $3 billion by different courts across the country to resolve Risperdal complaints. Why should you still sit on the fence and suffer?

Contact your Risperdal lawyer today to discuss for a free consultation on whether or not you have a Risperdal lawsuit.

Why So Many Risperdal Lawsuits?

Risperdal, manufactured by Janssen pharmaceuticals, a wing of Johnson & Johnson, was approved in 1993 by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of acute mania, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. The drug is also commonly prescribed to treat dementia, anxiety, autism and similar behavioral disorders.

It is definitely an effective drug, but the unsettling truth is, its got some serious side effects – something that the company deliberately or otherwise failed to communicate to the medical fraternity. Some of the common adverse effects of Risperdal include:

  • Pituitary Tumors
  • Stroke
  • Gynecomastia
  • Death from sudden heart attack
  • Hyperglycemia, diabetes and other similar side effects
  • Tardive Dyskinesia
  • Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Cellulitis
  • Neutropenia
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Bone Loss and
  • Pancreatitis

And those were just a few of the many severe side effects of Risperdal. Moderate side effects of Risperdal include abdominal pain, chest pain, involuntary movements, decreased activity, dry skin or difficulty in urinating, impotence, dizziness, severe coughing and heavy menstruation etc. to name a few.

Why Should You Consider Filing A Risperdal Lawsuit?

What you need to understand here is Johnson & Johnson is a huge company, but definitely not bigger than you or your dear ones’ life! Of course the company’s at fault, else why would it be ordered by so many courts to pay out such a large sum of money towards claim settlement? You might have a case there, but you wouldn’t know unless you speak to your Risperdal lawyer and they would know how to frame your Risperdal lawsuit best.

Risperdal Class Action Lawsuit

risperdal class actionRisperdal Class Action Lawsuit – Vital Information You Should Know

If you or your loved one has suffered from adverse side-effects of Risperdal, then you need to contact a lawyer to file a Risperdal Class Action Lawsuit on your behalf. This is because you or your loved one is entitled to compensation as a result of the suffering that you have suffered or undergone due to using this particular drug. When filing this particular lawsuit, it is essential to know that there are vital factors that you need to consider that will make it possible for your lawsuit to be effective. Here are some of the important information you need to know about this particular lawsuit;

Hire a qualified attorney to handle your Risperdal class action lawsuit

This is a very vital element that you should never overlook when pursuing a Risperdal lawsuit. This is because the efficiency of this particular lawsuit greatly depends on the competence and knowledge of the attorney that you are hiring to represent you in this court proceeding. There are many lawyers out there who claim that they are qualified yet they are quacks who are after swindling your money. It is therefore important to ensure that you are hiring lawyers from reputable law firms.

An attorney will make the entire Risperdal class action lawsuit process simple

It is also imperative to understand that hiring a lawyer to pursue your Risperdal lawsuit is ideal because it enables the whole court case process to be swift and efficient. This is because Risperdal lawyers have the essential knowledge and experience in handling similar cases thus making it easy for them to pursue such a lawsuit with ease. This is vital because it will give you a peace of mind when the court case is progressing because you are certain that the lawsuit is being handled by the right person who will make it possible for you to attain the necessary compensation as a result of suffering from the side effects of Risperdal.

It is cost-effective to seek Risperdal attorney services

This is also another essential element that you need to understand. When you hire a qualified Risperdal attorney to handle your Risperdal lawsuit, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. This is because hiring this kind of an attorney will enable you to cut varied costs related to pursuing such lawsuits as well as saving your time too.

An ideal law firm that offers such services usually gives the client necessary Risperdal lawsuit evaluation and consultation services free of charge thus enabling the client to understand all the aspects of this type of lawsuit. This is fundamental because it helps the casualty to comprehend what is required of the lawsuit. When you get such services free of charge, you will be able to ultimately have a reasonable amount of money in terms of compensation because you will not spend a lot of money when paying the litigation fees.

Risperdal can have both adverse and mild health effects to the user. Therefore, it is indispensable to seek compensation from such side-effects and the ideal way is by hiring a lawyer to assist you in filing a Risperdal class action lawsuit.